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Locally Grown Dried Marigolds

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Locally Grown Dried Marigolds

These dried marigolds are grown by the Darling family in Nebraska, using sustainable, organic-practice methods. These make an excellent gold dye on all fibers, either as a bath or a bundle-dye. Use the small black seeds to plant in your own garden.

Marigolds are potent dyes, so you may only need to use 50% of the weight of fiber. Additional dips will yield paler shades.

For protein based fibers (wool, silk, cashmere, etc), we suggest mordanting with alum to achieve maximum light and wash-fastness. For cellulose fibers (cotton, linen, etc), use a tannin bath prior to alum, such as our locally harvested sumac.

Add iron after dyeing to turn your fibers to an olive green.

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