Yellow Dyes (Marigold, Osage & More)

$5.00 - $20.00

Our raw yellow dyes are all grown and processed in house. They make excellent gold dyes on all fibers, either as a bath or a bundle-dye. Add iron to yellows for greens and khakis.

Currently on offer:

Grown by the Darling family here in Nebraska, our marigolds are perfect in bundles or as a vat dye. For vat dyes, use 50% (or even less!) of the weight of fiber. Additional dips will yield paler shades. French marigolds produce a slightly greener yellow than our osage.

Our chips are distributed nationwide to other dye wholesalers! We offer up our seconds here at discount rates. Osage, a slow-growing species, was planted as a hedge in Nebraska before more noxious, fast growing species like eastern red cedar were popular. We hand select and mill osage branches in-house, ensuring the highest quality dyes. Use 20% osage to fiber weight. Soak chips before simmering, and freeze leftovers to use again and again for continued dye baths!

This tannin rich powder is grown in India, and creates a yellow-tan on a range of fabrics. Great as a base for browns and blacks with iron. We recommend 20% to weight of fiber. See it cross-listed on our Grey & Black dyes.

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