Madder Root & Extract

$3.00 - $60.00

Reds! The one, the only, magnificent madder. Excellent for dyeing corals, pinks, and even deep reds. Great for countertop/window dyeing when a heat source is not available. Fabulous scent.

We have the following options for madder available:

- Chopped Rubia tinctoria roots (as used in my workshop kits). Wildforaged in Morocco. Good for small projects such as silk scarves or those who are dyeing in a mason jar. Do not rinse before soaking. Use 50-200% weight of fiber.

- Madder Extract. Simply dissolve powder in water, heat to steaming with mordanted textiles for 45 minutes or until desired shade. Use 1%-5% weight to fiber based on intensity desired.

- Local whole madder root (rubia tinctoria). Grown locally in Lincoln, Nebraska and hand harvested. Whole roots produce fabulous oranges, reds, and even purples. Rinse before soaking, and consider putting in a blender when softened for maximum color results!

- Ground Indian Madder (rubia cordifolia). Sourced directly from local dyers in Bagru, Rajasthan, in India. Produces a red with slightly more brown than other madders. We recommend sieving out dye with a very fine cloth such as doubled silk to prevent too much powder in your finished product.

For all madder dyes: Too much heat may dull the colors. A pinch of chalk intensifies reds.

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