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Madder Root

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Madder Root

Reds! The one, the only, magnificent madder. Excellent for dyeing corals, pinks, and even deep reds. Great for countertop/window dyeing when a heat source is not available. Fabulous scent.

For protein fibers, a mordant can be used but is not necessary in areas with hard water. Mordant cellulose fibers using tannin and alum.

There are two options for madder available:

- Chopped Rubia tinctoria roots (as used in my workshop kits). Wildforaged in Morocco. Good for small projects such as silk scarves or those who are dyeing in a mason jar. Do not rinse before soaking. (First photo)

- Whole Rubia cordifolia roots, responsibly grown in India under ethical and equitable work conditions. Large and color-rich roots, good for big projects like yarn dyeing and those who have a dedicated dye pot to work with. Roots should give multiple exhaust pots. Rinse to remove orange tinge. (Second photo)

General use:

Soak for day or more before heat extraction, or just solar dye. (For the whole R. cordifolia roots, you may wish to rinse quickly before soaking, then break or chop roots as they've softened.) Adding too much heat may dull the colors!

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