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Reds (Cochineal, Cutch & More)

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Reds (Cochineal, Cutch & More)

These historical dyes are perfect for pinks, reds, and rusts! Sourced sustainably and sent to you with the utmost care.

Coming soon, sourced direct from India!

Cochineal, cochinilla, or bé are the renowned insects used to produce scarlet, hot pinks, and purples. Native to the Americas, they make their home on cactus pads. After laying eggs, the female insects are harvested by hand and dried. Use 1-10% WOF depending on the darkness you'd like. To prepare, grind the insects and place in a dye pot with water and a tiny pinch of cream of tartar to assist in extraction. Bring to a low boil for 15 minutes, and pour off the liquid into another pot, straining out the pulp. Return the pulp to the pan and add more water, repeating the boiling and straining until no more dye is yielded. The poured-off liquid is your dye.
Cochinilla is highly sensitive to pH changes, so you can play around by adding cream of tartar to get scarlet red, or soda ash for more purple tones. Iron also produces beautiful effects.

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