Mystery Bundles!


Surprise yourself with one of our mystery bundles! From dyes, plain fabrics and yarns, to naturally dyed scraps, we've got you covered - and no two bundles are alike!

A great way to sample new or different materials. For color swatching, piece working, or making something truly unique! All bundles include clearly labeled items, and specialty products not typically listed in our site.

An assortment of natural fiber fabrics, which may include silks, wool gauze/flannels, cottons or linens, hemmed items etc.

Various skeins of all natural, undyed, surprise yarns. May include wool, silk, alpaca, handspun, or others.

A selection of natural dyes, from whole plants to extracts. Includes items we don't offer regularly in the shop because the lots are too small!

Sometimes sewing and sampling leaves us with odds and ends! Silk, wool, cotton, and who knows what else! Includes all useable size pieces (4" square and larger),

The perfect sample surprise for spinners (or even felters!). Includes a curiosity assortment of clean fibers in various states. Roving, batts, locks, bolls, or even our own angora fluff!

We end up with a pretty wide array of odd sized yarns! From the ends of our handspun that are a little short of a full skein, to color samples that didn't match the rest of the batch, this selection is great for building an inspiration collection, using in weavings, or combining with what you have at home in small projects.

No two bundles are alike, but if you love a material, reach out to us and we can offer you more if we have it on hand! Shipping info in FAQ. Sorry, no returns.