Natural Yarn for Dyeing

$9.00 - $14.00

These 100% natural fiber yarns are perfect for natural dyeing. Unlike most "white" yarns sold in shops which have been brightened and/or bleached, these are the natural wool off the sheep. This means that they will absorb dyes more naturally, and avoid any risk of color change through the chemical brightening process used by commercial yarn producers.

Our wool yarns are made right here in Nebraska using sheep's wool grown in the region!

DK 2-ply : 50 g / 123 yds
Worsted Single: 50 g / 90 yds
Bulky Single: 100 g / 90 yds

Silk yarns, excellent for weaving, knitting, and crochet! Makes a beautiful straight drape, less elastic than wool yarns. Perfect for summer tank tops.

Silk Noil Single Ply: 50 g / ~ 400 yds
Silk Noil 2 Ply: 58 g / 400 yds