Custom & Wholesale


We offer wholesale goods to retailers through Faire. 
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Custom Work

For large custom projects, or items unique to your organization, please be prepared with the following information: scale of project (quanitity needed), deadlines, and price maximums.  Contact through the link on the right hand side of the page.

See "About Lesley" for additional photos.

Photos by Mike Fernandez, 2022.

Selcted Stockists

Lake and Woods, MI.
Stella Boutique, NE.
Hemlocks Leatherworks,  MN.
Gather Here, MA.
The Naturalists Atelier, CA.
PETI Boutique, WA.
... and more!

Interested in having our products in your store?  Please use the Faire link above or reach out through our contact page on the right.  Wholesale available for dyes, yarns, scarves, kits, and just about anything else on our site.  Consignment options available on a case-by-case basis.