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Pomegranate Extract | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Pomegranate Extract

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Pomegranate Extract

This fine, richly colored powder is made from the rinds of pomegranate fruits. Use as a substantive dye for bronze yellows, with alum for a brighter tone, or with iron for darker colors.

Excellent as a tannin base for ecoprinting. 1% of the weight of fiber is sufficient for ecoprinting base.

As this is a highly concentrated extract, you will not need very much to dye your fibers. For lighter tones, even 2% of the weight of fibers will do. Darker tones can be achieved with as little as 10% WOG. To use, dissolve the powder with a small amount of water before adding to a larger bath. Then heat to below simmering for around 45 minutes as color develops.

Even 25 grams of pomegranate extract can dye over half a pound of fiber to a dark shade.

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