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Video: How to Dye in a Mason Jar at Home | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Video: How to Dye in a Mason Jar at Home

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Video: How to Dye in a Mason Jar at Home

Curious about how to dye at home? Don't want to invest in fancy equipment or expensive materials? This mini online workshop might be the thing for you! Join me in learning how to dye using two methods, including making bundles, and discover a few things in your kitchen that will (or won't!) work.

Once I process your purchase, you'll receive a link to stream the video (make sure you include a good email!). You'll also gain access to a private Padlet where current and past dye students can share their projects, swap tips, and more!

This class features pay-what-you-can pricing! If times are tough with the virus, pay what works for you from the options below. If you have a stable income, and housing, please consider paying on the higher end. As a financially independent artist, this is the work that pays for my meals! Thank you!!

Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 720 px