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Local Incense Bundles

Local Incense Bundles

Perfect for cleansing a space, or just using as incense, these lavender bundles are made with locally grown lavender stalks. Snap off a few twigs, or light the whole bundle for a sweet smell, much more subtle than flowers and essential oils.

Now wrapped in my own handspun cotton: a slow, intentional process that turns home-grown cotton into a meaningful twine. Burns clean.

Intentional burning bundles wrapped in handspun, locally grown cotton twine.

Burning plants is a traditional practice around the globe. However, plants such as sage and sweet grass have become increasingly popular for home use, and these plants carry with them sacred and ritual value in indigenous cultures. These bundles are an excellent way to prevent over-harvesting of sacred plants, respect indigenous cultures, and provide an alternative to celebrate ritual practices used for centuries across the world.

A portion of these proceeds are donated to non-profit Blue Heron Inípi.

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