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Handwoven Linen Sack Cloth

Handwoven Linen Sack Cloth

An absolute treasure! This cloth is handwoven by Moldovan and Romanian craftspeople for the traditional purpose of sewing grain sacks. The fabric is a dense twill structure, with a fine vertical drape. The cotton warp features a centered vertical stripe. The weft is of locally produced linen, and the selvedges show the hands that wove it, with a subtle natural edge.

Makes beautiful hand towels, table runners, cushions... sky is the limit!

Sold by the yard in limited quantities.

Wide Red Striped: 20" (51cm)
Black & Red Striped: 21" width (54cm)


Washing instructions:
We recommend taking care of this traditional linen by practicing the following procedure. To prevent the linen from breaking in the washing machine, soak the fabric in warm water for at least 1 hour before washing. We recommend washing with unscented, natural soap flakes, and setting an extra rinse cycle the first time you wash. You may choose to take the fabric out before spin cycle and hang immediately to dry. Linen can collect wrinkles, especially while wet! Traditionally a mangler was used instead of an iron, but a very hot iron and careful handling while wet will keep you happy! Store fabric rolled up and preferably not folded to prevent unwanted wrinkles.