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Even More Gemstone Cabochons!

$6.00 - $22.00
Even More Gemstone Cabochons!

Locally cut and polished by Nebraskan artist Ben Darling (my dad!). Perfect for wire-wrapping, jewelry, or laying out on an altar. These are even sized for jewelers, meaning you can have your favorite artist set into a ring, earrings, or bolo tie!

These cabochons are sold based on rock type and shape, as well as some grouped sets. "Pairs" all indicate matched stones that would work excellently for earrings or full jewelry sets - and many sets are cut from the same stone.

Feel free to contact with questions. Note that as handmade products, variations will occur in lots and individual rocks. All sizes listed in millimeters (mm).

Current offerings include:

CHRYSOPRASE (first image)
B | Set of five smaller rough cuts, around 1 cm / ea.
C | Set of three larger rough cuts, around 2 cm / ea.

MOONSTONE (second image, from top left)
E | Opaque set of rectangle pair (16x13) and 24x14 oval.

MONTANA AGATE (third and fourth image)
A | Set includes all ten shown in top half of image, including:
Matched pair of 14x14 rounds
Matched pair of 16x16 squares
12x10, 14x10, 18x13, 20x15, and 25x18 ovals

RED MONTANA AGATE (third image, bottom corner)
A | Set includes all four stones shown, including:
Matched pairs of 24x10 oblong stones and 16x16 rounds.

TIGER'S EYE (fifth image)
A | Set includes all three stones shown, cut from same rock.
25x20 and 20x15 oval, with 18x15 rectangle.

Any residual wax can be easily removed by freezing and/or rubbing with alcohol. Shipping info and FAQ available on the info page. Sorry, no returns.