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Color Therapy Bath Salts

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Color Therapy Bath Salts

Simple, nourishing bath soaks. Naturally tinted and gently scented with locally sourced plants. Free from fragrance, essential oils, and mica or clays. Safe for the drain, and they won't stain the tub!

These make a lovely gift for yourself, or someone who works too hard! Inspired by our cut gemstones (which would make a cute part of a gift, too!). Each salt mix is envisioned in house and mixed by hand, with intentionally selected and mostly home-grown and wild foraged plants. While our gardens are not certified organic, we use organic practices with no sprays or synthetic additives.

Use: Run a hot bath and add contents to bath. Alternatively, use 1 tbs as foot soak. Do not use on broken or injured skin, and consult a physician if you are pregnant.

Current offerings:

Smoky Quartz - a blend for clarity - active charcoal + locally cultivated artemesia ssp.

Rhodochrosite - lush, toning rose - organic certified - hibiscus + rose

Malachite - green growth - sustainable wild foraged nettle + locally grown eucalyptus

Color Therapy Rainbow Pack ~ Includes all three of the above!