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Hand-Carded Wool Batts | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Hand-Carded Wool Batts

Hand-Carded Wool Batts

Hand carded batts, ready for spinning or felting. This Jacob fleece is grown in central Nebraska, is entirely hand processed by myself, from skirting, washing, picking, to finally carding. Jacob sheep are great for learners and seasoned spinners alike. As a naturally spotted sheep, you have some options for how you process the wool.

Current offering of batts includes:
Steel grey (photo 2)
White (springy, high crimp, photo 3)
Deep brown (preorder - due early April)

As this is a hand processed product, you may occasionally find a small bit of straw or such, which shows this sheep is living quite a happy life! Rest assured fleeces are fully washed and most vegetal matter should shake out while spinning.

For custom color blends, including naturally dyed fleeces, please contact directly.

Batts are approximately 50 grams, unless otherwise noted.
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